Linux Mint T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and sweatshirts

When we started to make our first Linux Mint T-Shirts and Polo Shirts, it was a really big project for us. With the support of the Project Leader, Clement Lefebvre, we sold hundreds of them all over the world. The first color shirt we ever made was for Linux Mint, the green one. The secret name of this color is kiwi, but everybody knows this as Linux Mint Green.
In the very beginning we were not sure whether to launch these green Linux Mint shirts or not. We embroidered one, sent it to Clement, and asked his opinion. He said to us that this was a really good idea, and that the shirt was one of his favorites.

Now we are here with a bigger collection, which we will extend from time to time with new Linux Mint T-Shirts, Linux Mint Polo Shirts, Linux Mint Sweatshirts and other Linux Mint garments.


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