Ethical production & guarantee

Ethical production is like ethical hacking

Similar to IT security, the more you dive into the information your partners give you, the more you are confused. But you have to do your best on your part!

Our project follows these three principles:

Our grandparents knew that long-lasting things are the most reliable, they cost less than cheap alternatives and in the end you will have much less garbage. We now know that if you use less but better quality products for a longer time, the carbon footprint will be less too. Paints, electricity, packaging, human work, everything will be less in this case, while you will get the same or better results. Does this matter to you? Or would you rather trust a shiny green label on a one-time-use T-shirt?

Our clients are Linux users who make the best from their old computers and don't throw them away once a year to buy something new. They like that we have the same concept with our garments. They prefer quality and long product life instead of cheap and fancy electronics and fast-fashion clothes.

We are wearing our shirts and sweatshirts regularly (if not daily) too, and use them for at least five years. Of course after many years they don’t look as new, but the embroidery still looks the same. This is the difference between printing and embroidery.

Ethical production at home

When you have a project run by your family, it is easy to do it ethically.

Certified suppliers

We don't grow cotton and don't make blank T-shirts here in Europe by ourselves. You can check our suppliers’ relevant websites, and it's your decision as to what you believe about them. At least they are in the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification system, and we are sure they follow some measures for ethical manufacturing too. But we don't control them.

Fruit of the loom


We are ready to change suppliers if we can find more ethical ones.


If you don't like what you ordered, send it back within 3 months, and we give you your money back.

If you want to cancel your purchase within 3 months from receipt, contact us by e-mail. We'll send you the address where you can ship your order back (or we can arrange a pick-up for you in some countries). When it has arrived back, we make a refund depending on the payment method you used.

In case of return all shipping costs, customs fees and taxes are paid by you, and they are not refundable as we don't get those back too.