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For developers and Linux distributions

Are you a contributor of Linux distribution or a developer of free software for Linux?

Would you like to offer your users embroidered shirts, sweaters and other clothes with worldwide shipping at no cost to you?

Do you want to make it real with people who understand Linux, understand your values and give the most suitable service to free software fans? Who does all of this with Linux and fully respects software freedom?

If you want cheap printed t-shirts, made with the proprietary Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop on Windows 10 or on Mac, and it does not disturb you if they also sell Microsoft Office caps and "I love BSOD" mugs, just choose one of these alternatives:,

We work with free software developers and Linux distributions only.

What can we give you and your users?

- A standard set of t-shirts and polo shirt collection with your embroidered logo. We don't make cheap printing, which only lasts for one washing.
- New products regularly. Your users will be happy, and you don't have to bother with this.
- Tracked shipping, REALLY, worldwide, with insurance and assistance if something happens. A Linux user in Uruguay, in Palestine or in Russia is not better or worse than a Linux user in the United States or in Germany. That's why we don't have "rest of the world" countries.
- Donation to your project. A fixed amount of money in Euros or in US dollar from the price of every product sold with your logo. If you can't accept money donations, we can solve this too.
- 16 years of experience in making Linux shirts and building good relationships with free software users, understanding what they like and how to achieve it because we are Linux users too.
- And, most importantly: the chance for your users to show what they believe in, and they can do this in a way they like.

If you are interested, please write to the shop owner, Gabor, at and he will explain the details to you.

Gábor Kum with his family

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Made on Linux, powered by Linux, for us, Linux fans.
Because we believe in it.

All prices are shown in US dollars.

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