Some words about us

We believe that free and open source software is better than proprietary. We also believe that we can change how people use technology. If you are the kind of person who likes freedom and fun, promote free software with us!

HELLOTUX is a family project of Gábor Kum, a Linux system administrator, a Linux user since 1999. His wife Maria and his children are Linux users too.

Gábor Kum with his family

We made our first Linux shirts 22 years ago, in 2002 and had various t-shirt projects in cooperation with the Hungarian Linux community and with Linux portals. In 2009 we decided to open our Hungarian Linux t-shirt shop, and about one year later, our international one.

The first Linux

We know that there are many ways to have a free software t-shirt around, but we are different.
We embroider every shirt individually with care and love using our programmable embroidery machine, and use free software.

Embroidery designing under Linux

When making patterns for these machines, you usually need a lot of proprietary software, and almost all of them are running under Microsoft Windows. We solved this problem with Wine and a machine-independent software from a small company. It is not free, but at least we are able to use it under Linux, and we believe it is a much better solution.
Everything else we use is fully free software.

Embroidered Debian logos

We are not just another t-shirt shop with some Linux shirts - we are a shop with only Linux and free software shirts. It does really matter.

Elementary GNOME KDE Kubuntu Linux Mint LXLE SUSE Peppermint Ubuntu Ubuntu Mate Xubuntu

This is not all. From your purchase we support free software, usually $3-5 from each product sold. But not everybody can accept money due to legal reasons, in this case, we give free shirts to developers.