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Is your Android phone free from spyware? This means you use F-Droid, the best open-source and free software available for your Android device, the same comfortable way as with the proprietary app store. The difference is that here you have the freedom that only free software gives you: the freedom of choice to use an older version of an app, the ability to check codes, and many other things. Even people who don't use F-Droid are checking the availability of their favorite open-source apps in the F-Droid repositories through their website.

Show your love for F-Droid by wearing a F-Droid t-shirt, a F-Droid polo shirt or a F-Droid sweatshirt - you can find them all below. Some people stick Apple stickers to their car, but if you wear our apparel the F-Droid logo will be closer to your heart.


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