F-Droid hoodie (black-grey)

F-Droid hoodie (black-grey)
  • F-Droid hoodie (black-grey)
  • F-Droid hoodie (black-grey)
  • F-Droid hoodie (black-grey)
55 USD
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F-Droid - The free and open source Android app repository

F-Droid is a catalogue of Free and Open Source Software applications for the Android platform.

Real Embroidery

Embroidered logo on a warm hoodie. Durable and comfortable material (50% cotton) with a big pocket.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with your order, just send it back within 3 months, and we'll organize a replacement or give you your money back. We have a customer service that cares.

100% made with Linux

The embroidery, the website, the customer service, fully made with Linux. Who else does all this with Linux?


Hoodie sizes

 S   M   L   XL   2XL 
  Width (A)    51 cm 56 cm 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm
  Height (B)    69 cm 71 cm 73 cm 76 cm 79 cm
  Sleeve length (C)    85 cm 88 cm 90 cm 93 cm 95 cm
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Uncensored Customer Reviews

wrote about it:
Absolutely loved wearing this over the winter. Always made me feel so proud and made a lot of new friends for me. Other open source enthusiasts would just approach me in public to talk. Keep up the good work, Gabor, this is a lovely business and a great way to get people to financially support the open source software they use.
Rating: 5 of 5
May 2019