You can't pay with PayPal, because it is not free software friendly at all

In the past years they have blocked several free software project PayPal accounts (ours too, because of "logging-in from an unexpected location"), they do not comply with the European Union financial regulations (did not implement PSD2 correctly from the view of merchants) and they have absolutely no support for small business, except of some monkeys on the other side of the built-in chat. Even your money might be not in a safe place at PayPal (just some examples from the many out there, here and here)
They even don't know who is the regulating institution (the government authority where you can make a claim).

And better to not speak about that if you pay us in EUR or US dollars, they force us to convert them to our local currency with a 4-5% loss, over their average 5-6% transaction fees, depending on the sum of the order.
In the end, you end up supporting this company, instead of your favorite free software projects. So, think twice about it when you pay with PayPal.

You can check the available payment methods here.