My religion doesn't allow me to use MS PowerPoint

My daughter is nine years old, and as everybody in my family, she is a Debian GNU/Linux user. She had an exam in the end of the school-year on the subject of  "digital culture". The teacher of this subject kindly told me that she will have to have basic skills of making presentations on the computer.

I asked her, what kind of environment she will have on the exam, so that I can show her the same at home to be not surprised. I didn't really know if she will use an installed, or a web-based software for that, like the popular Prezi, which was made by Hungarians, by the way. (We are Hungarians too)

- Your daughter will use the PPT software.
- Do you mean MS PowerPoint?
- Yes, yes, that one, with the orange icon, you know!
- Uhh... - I told her - My religion does not allow me to use that crap.
- Pardon?

So, VirtualBox, download a Windows from the website of MS and try to do the same with MS office to show it to her.
As all the local schools get those MS licences "for free", it will be a hard to change this situation, but we can give it a try, again. Once we have made it successfully more than 20 years ago at school.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
founder of HELLOTUX


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