Is a Windows user better than you?

Imagine a usual day.

You: Get up and put on your new Linux shirt.
Windows user: Gets up and puts on some t-shirt.

You: In the morning, your family/roommate notices your shirt, and asks you, "Will you have a special day today?"
Windows user: Nobody notices anything, it is just a usual, boring day... again.

You: Everybody knows what you believe in. Windows users may be a bit jealous. They want to know where the world moves.
Windows user: Everybody knows what they believe in, Adidas/Nike/etc.

You: You work with the most powerful free, open-source software tools on your stable Linux system. This is how things should be.
Windows user: Just received a forced Windows Update, and suddenly his trial version of text editor asks for a credit card number.

You: You were productive today.
Windows user: He survived this day.

You in the evening: You've just received an update of your favorite software, and the features you wanted are ready.
Windows user in the evening: Has just received the same forced Windows update and credit card appeal on his home computer.

You: Think about which free software t-shirt to wear tomorrow.
Windows user: He will never buy a Windows shirt. Unfortunately, we won't be selling an "I hate my Windows" shirt.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
owner of HELLOTUX


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