Here is how we shipped your Linux shirt years ago

In the very beginning, we were a local Linux t-shirt store in Hungary.

Years ago, when we just started to sell Linux shirts worldwide, we were shipping orders from our local post office. We were the family who was sending packages to "abroad."
Almost every workday, we arrived with my little son in a baby buggy and some packages of Linux, Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint t-shirts. The post office assistants knew us very well: we arrive some minutes before 6 pm, and we have these "strange envelopes." Now, when thinking about these times, on one side it was fun, on the
other side it was frustrating. I had to tell them every other day, "Be careful! It's going abroad!" or "Be careful! It's the United Kingdom, not the United States!"

Luckily, we have a much more professional shipping company now.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
founder of HELLOTUX


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