Go-mail and HELLOTUX shirts

My wife Maria asked me today if I know how many countries of the world people are using our Linux shirts in. I made a quick check, and the number is 84.
Most of them are from Europe and North America, but orders often come from Australia, Asia and South America as well. Some African Linux users show their commitment to Linux with our shirts too, especially from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania and South Africa.

Do you know where Nauru, Reunion or Brunei are located? You can meet people in HELLOTUX shirts there, too! From the beginning, we have had no borders (as Linux doesn't have any either), as we have always provided worldwide shipping.

I'm happy to announce that we expanded our collection with Go-mail (a Go library for emails) and with our very own HELLOTUX-branded garments.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
founder of HELLOTUX


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