Does all your family use Linux?

Are you the only free software lover in your family, or are others using it too?

I have luck with this. With other words: I made a good work. There are no Windows 10 to Windows 11 upgrades here :-)
My wife has used Debian quite well for years, and my children were born in the Linux era. Linux and free software are the normal, the usual for them. Even our parents are Linux users, and this has made our life much easier.

How is it with you? How is your family with Linux? I'm really interested, leave a comment, even if it is short.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
founder of HELLOTUX



Yes. Everybody.

My daughter, age 6, uses a computer whatever the OS is running. I say "This is a computer, use it" no matter if it is a Windows on a PC, a Linux on laptop or iOS on a IPAD. On her point of view evething is 'technology' and it helps on our daily routines. And YES, we have a Windows 10, Ubuntu, iOS on IPAD, Android on our mobiles and so on. Best wishes.

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