Debian 12 Bookworm and Privacy Guides

The Debian 12 'Bookworm' and Privacy Guides shirts and sweatshirts are here!

Debian 12 'Bookworm' is set to release next weekend. We celebrate it with the new Debian Bookworm shirts, hoodies and jackets!
Why is it important to us? Because I've used Debian for more than a decade. It runs perfectly on the 23 servers and other computers I manage.
Debian Bookworm's artwork was made by Juliette Taka, the same artist who created the theme of Debian 'bullseye'.

Privacy is not very far away from Linux users; that's why we've partnered with Privacy Guides to make their official clothing too. You can find them here.

Gábor KumGábor Kum
founder of HELLOTUX


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