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What is the favorite color of t-shirts at Hellotux? Of course, black. All our items are available in black. For professional computer users, it is a very important color, not only because it is comfortable to use, but there is no dirt visible and it makes you look slimmer. I think this color has special mystical meaning. Maybe one day I will learn the answer :))))
But today, I don't want to write about black t-shirts. Yes, we have other colors which you can try. For long time I preferred dark shades too in my clothes, but now I use all colors. I think, we need some bright spots around, it makes us more optimistic.
Dark blue is a good alternative to black. All embroidered Linux logos look perfect on it.

Black and dark blue t-shits I especially want you to note white t-shirts. It is a basic color, always relevant, and goes well with other colors. White is associated with cleanliness, simplicity, and openness. And it is perfect in a hot summer. Of course, white things are easily soiled but we can wash our embroidered t-shirts at up to 60 degree Celsius (140 degree Fahrenheit). Also we have ash gray t-shirts - all OS logos looks great on it, it is not so easy to get dirty, and it is comfortable to use at summer (as one of our friends mentioned).

Light grey and white t-shirts

A lot of Linux logos are embroidered on green t-shirts. Special green t-shirts were found for Linux Mint and have started to become very popular in our shop. Don’t forget, we also have standard colors such as red and blue.

Our children in light Linux t-shirts

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